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The Evolution of Sports Betting: A 2000 Year Old Betting Practice

Sports Betting is Nothing New


Sports enthusiasts (not all) everywhere take part in what is called ‘Sports Betting.’ When someone bets on a winning player or team they are putting a valuable stake, their money, into that particular sport.

The game itself takes on a more personal attraction and demand their full undivided attention. Could throwing even a small amount of your money into your winning team constitute gambling, truthfully this is gambling. Never make the mistake of thinking that sports betting is something new because it is not.

Your ancestors of over 2000 years ago were involved in sports betting, although some would agree that the games 2000 years ago were a bit more violent and demanding. The earliest records of sports betting have to go to the Greeks. The Greeks were the ones who introduced the world to the Olympics and the very first records of legalized sports betting on the athletics participating in a particular sport such as the gladiator games.


The Legalities and Illegalities of Sports Betting


Historical documents record that betting on horse races became a popular venue throughout England and globally. Horse racing became a popular sport and the betting scene grew. Nothing has changed too much over the last 2000 years except for the evolution of sporting events. The religious leaders of that time tried to put a stop to the betting so those involved in sports betting went underground and this thrived throughout the ages spreading globally.

Europe has one of the largest betting venues in the world. Anywhere you find a sporting event, the chances are great that betting on the event is taking place. You find sports betting in college and professional football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and car races. Sports betting has thrived, spread, and become such a popular pastime that sports betting is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

There is still a great share of illegal sports betting going on by local bookies and bookmakers around the globe, which continue to be ignored by most law enforcement officials. Many times these illegal betting venues take advantage of the better. Consumers who frequent the casino scene in cities across the globe such as seen in Las Vegas, Nevada find sports betting a favorite pastime.

It was around the period of 1950 that Las Vegas legalized sports betting in many of their casinos. However, you had to walk into the casino to place sports bets. Now with our technological advances in the mid 21st Century introduces sports betting consumers online gambling as though they were right in a casino.


Advanced Technologies Enhances Sports Betting


The Internet provides ways for individuals to place bets anytime and anywhere (check out https://gclubbz.net/mobile). Turn on your television and your laptop or smartphone to a popular sporting event and place your bet legally. Sports betting is not going to go away. It has been around for over 2000 years and is increasing in popularity every year. Anytime and anywhere there is any kind of sporting events it is a sure ‘bet’ there will be sports betting taking place.

The Popularity Of Domino QQ In Asia

There was a time when Asian people who enjoyed gambling had to come to the United States to visit the casinos. Once the casino industry started building casinos in Asian countries, the popularity for certain slots games as well as table games grew. One game that is played mostly by Asian is Domino qq, also known as 99 domino poker.

This game is played using 28 double six dominoes which in Asia are small cards that can be discarded after several games because they will become worn. The game is played like a poker game where each player can place a bet, hold, call, or raise, just as in a regular poker game.

Domino QQ Online is played mostly by people in Indonesia. People who are looking for a colorful interactive game with great opportunities for winning choose to play dominoes qq. Even people who enjoy playing a game of dominoes will certainly enjoy playing this game through apps on mobile devices, and at online casinos. Most players find the interactive features to be very amusing, and the experience of playing online is uniquely impressive. Domino qq has become a favorite pastime for many people, and has proven to be a good way to spend the evening relaxing and playing the game. The game starts off quickly, and it moves just as swiftly.

The online game of domino qq is popular in Asian countries partly because people are accustomed to moving at a fast pace, and the game allows them to keep up that same pace. It can be downloaded on an app, or played on their regular computer. They soon acquire the skills necessary to become skilled at the game, and to be able to play it while continuing with their routine schedules. Another fantastic feature of the domino qq game is that it does not take the app very long to download. Some people do not have the patience to sit and wait on the marvels of the internet.

Learning the game of domino qq can be very interesting especially for someone who enjoys devising winning strategies for the games that they play. The Asian people are comfortable with playing games that require a lot of thinking and planning for the next move. Of course, this is also true of any avid gambler or casino slots and table game players. When Asians were coming to the United States in order to have the casino experience, they realized that the most fun and entertainment to be had was sitting in front of a gaming machine, or at a table using their skilled strategies. When casinos were established in Asia, the people already had a general idea of the games that they would play most, and domino qq was one of them. This game gave them all the features of dominoes, and the intrigue of poker.

Is it easy for beginners to learn dominoqq and start to win online?

If you have seen the Indonesian dominoes game dominoqq, you may have thought it looked like a lot of fun. As more and more people play dominoqq online and, of course, gamble on it, you may also be wondering if it is a game a beginner like you could learn.

In other words, is it easy for beginners to learn dominoqq and then start to win when playing it online?

Online resources — There are many online resources that can help you easily learn dominoqq.

These come in the form of websites with huge amounts of information about the game. They tell you about its origins, how it’s played, what the rules are and what you need to know to win at it.

There are also various sites that host videos on dominoqq. They show you both how to play the game as well as show you the game actually being played in a number of casinos online.

If you are a beginner longing to learn how to play dominoqq, start with these two things. By the time you have spent just a few hours soaking up information about how to play the game, you will have just as much knowledge as many of the people already playing it online.

Join an online chat room — There are several online chat rooms dedicated to dominoqq, and they can be a fabulous place to get hints and tips on playing the game.

While many of them will be full of Asian players, as dominoqq is a game popular in Asia more than anywhere else, many people do also speak English.

Start a topic with any questions you have about playing the game as there will always be someone that will help.

Learn with a friend — Find a friend that may be interested in learning how to play a new game and practice what you have learned. If you do not yet own a dominoqq set, you can easily buy one online.

This practice will give you more confidence for when it comes to playing dominoqq online, as well as give you experience on what moves work and what do not.

Playing dominoqq online — Once you have played a few games offline, and feel as though you understand how the game works, it is now time to play dominoqq online.

This is as easy as signing up with two or three online casinos offering it. When you do, make sure you only sign up with those offering registration bonuses as this will give you free money to use to begin playing.

Find rooms that are targeting beginners or low stakes levels and play your first games. As online casinos design all their games to look pretty and to have fun sound effects, you are likely to enjoy your first few times playing dominoqq on the Internet. Even if you do not ultimately win.

Beating Variance In Online Poker

If you have been playing online poker for a while, and always seem to be a victim of variance, is there a way to beat it? Is it possible to plan your games so precisely that poker variance ends up becoming a thing of the past?

In fact, while there is no way to really beat the variance you will experience in online poker, after all it is life, there are some things you can do to minimize its impact.

What is poker variance? — The first thing you need to understand is what exactly is poker variance?

Simply put, it is the difference between what your skills and intellect told you would be the result of playing a certain way over the long-term, and what you are actually experiencing in the short-term.

In other words, if you expected to win $5,000 over a three-month period but, one month in, you have already lost $900.

What causes variance? — Variance is caused by nothing more than luck. That thing that happens to everyone whether we plan for it or not, and whether or not we expect it to happen.

In online poker, that luck may manifest itself in us winning double what we expect to win over a specific period of time. It could also manifest itself by causing us to lose money we did not expect to lose.

What influences variance? — The way you play has a big impact on variance. A player who plays a loose game as opposed to a player who has a much tighter game-playing style will be affected much more by variance.

The type of judi online poker you play also affects variance. Omaha, for instance, is usually affected by variance less than something like Texas Hold’Em.

How much you bet also affects variance as larger stakes affect it far more than smaller ones.

How to beat variance when playing online poker? — One thing you can do is use a poker variance simulator.

You will find these online and all of them only require a little information. In most cases, just your win rate, your standard deviation and the number of hands you have played. The simulator will then calculate what you can expect to happen in future games.

You can also bet lower amounts, as this will affect the amount of variance you experience over a long period of time.

One big way to beat variance, however, is to play many more hands of poker as the more you play the less it impacts the outcome of each game.

While the last strategy will not defeat variance completely, it will mean variance will impact each hand you play less and less, simply because you are playing more of them. The same amount of variance will still occur, but it will be spread out over many more hands.

Betting on basketball can be easy if you follow these best tips

Betting on basketball is confusing if you are new to the sport. Follow these tips to help you make the best bets  – P.S. you can start betting on sites like https://sbobet.blog/  – however, and your first few betting experiences could be interesting.

Do your research — Spend a couple of weeks learning about the game, the teams, the coaches and the rules before you place a bet. Basketball is a sport that, the more you know about the game, its teams and its players, the better your chances are of placing a smart bet.

Read websites about betting on basketball. Read news articles about individual teams and players, and look at the past history of teams you may want to bet on. Make notes as you go, so you can refer back to them before placing a bit.

Knowing about the history of a team or its players should be part of your decision to place a bet one way or the other. Never bet on teams you do not know anything about, as their past history affects who they are and how they generally play.

Start with the starting line-up — Never place a bet when you first start out betting on basketball until you know who will be in the starting line up.

After all, you do not want to bet on a team and then discover their star player has been injured and will be out of commission for two weeks. Remember too, starting line ups change, so keep checking until the game actually begins.

A home advantage or an away advantage? — Each team is different. While many play better with a home advantage, some do not. Make sure you know which way a team tends to swing before you bet on them winning an upcoming game.

After all, if a team travels well, they may prefer away games. If a team always seems to be tired during an away game, they are not the ones to bet on.

Keep the important stats in mind — Do not get bogged down with too many unimportant stats, as it can take your mind away from making a smart betting decision.

Instead, keep important stats in mind like their offensive rebounds, turnovers and home and away stats, and avoid others that have less bearing on a game’s outcome.

Has there been a big line move? — If you suddenly notice there has been a big line move in favor of a team that was not favored before, make sure to bet on that line move. Particularly if it is close to a game.

Something moving that fast and so close to a game will usually mean the sports bettors who really understand the game are seeing something you are not. Follow them, bet with them and you may just see a result you have been trying to get for a while.

We Offer You a Hand in Finding Different Types of Poker to Play

Mention poker and situs judi online and most people will likely think of Texas Hold ‘Em or 5 Card Draw. We will be exploring some of the less common versions of the game.

Lowball Poker

In Lowball poker, the worst possible hand is the best possible hand. In California Lowball 5-4-3-2-A is the equivalent of a Royal Flush. With Kansas Lowball the ideal hand is 7-5-4-3-2.

Five cards are dealt face down. During the first round of betting a player must bet or fold. After betting each player has the option of drawing up to five new cards. The first four replacement cards are dealt together. The fifth card is dealt after each player has received their replacement cards.

Split Pot Poker

Split Pot is a more egalitarian approach to poker. At the end of a round two or more players get a share of the pot. There are over 80 varieties of Split Pot poker.

Declaration is a Split Pot variant. When playing Declaration, each player announces whether they will try for the highest or lowest hand. The pot is split among the highest of the high hands and the lowest of the low hands. A player who “scoops” the pot or is “going pig” is a player who wins the whole pot by having both the highest and lowest hand.

Stripped Deck Poker

The 52 card deck came about in the 1860s. From the 15th Century until the mid 19th Century a deck consisted of only 20 cards. Strip deck essentially pay homage to the early days of poker. There are multiple variations on strip deck using 32 and 20 cards. We will discuss the 32 card variant.

The cards omitted for 32 Card Strip Deck are deuces through sixes. To begin a round two cards are dealt. One card is face up the other face down. The player with the highest exposed card begins the betting. Each player is dealt three more cards face-up followed by another round of betting. A flush which is harder to achieve with a stripped deck can beat a full house. The players decide if they will play by the aforementioned rule.

H.O.R.S.E. Poker

Popular on the basketball court H.O.R.S.E. made its way to the poker table during the World Series of Poker. H.O.R.S.E. is an acronym for the five types of poker that are played during each round. Each type of poker is played in the sequence below.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Omaha hi-low split eight or better


Seven card Stud

Seven card Stud hi-low split Eight or better

Considered by some to be the ultimate test of a poker player’s skill H.O.R.S.E. ensures that play doesn’t become tedious. The betting limit on H.O.R.S.E. is fixed with no limitations on pot size.

When You Bet On The Right Sports That Fit Your Needs, You Can Win Big!

As more and more online sites pop up that allow you to bet on judi online sports, more and more people are getting in on the action. They are seeing that it works, and they are seeing it as a great way to have some fun and make some money as well. It is all about knowing your sports and knowing which ones are going to work in your favor. A lot of people are very knowledgeable about baseball and go to many games throughout the year. This has helped them. Again, it is different for everyone, as I tend to know more about football than any other sport. I myself would never bet on baseball, but I know a lot of people that are diehard baseball fans.

It boils down to knowing your strengths and your weaknesses as a bettor. If you play to those strengths, you will have tremendous results. After all, that is the goal of betting. No one enters betting wanting to lose and wanting to have a bad time doing it. It leaves them feeling empty and like they are wasting their time, money, and energy. Money does not grow on trees, as the expression goes, so they need to pinpoint which sports are tailored made for them.

Baseball, as mentioned, is followed by a lot of fans, even though the season is quite long. Because the season is long, people follow their favorite team or their team’s competition and see how they are doing against one another. Even though it’s still early in the baseball season, sometimes people can tell which team is going to make it to the playoffs and have a tremendous amount of success. They notice tendencies and because they are aware of these tendencies, they are able to use them later on when it matters the most.

Another sport that is easy to bet on, as mentioned earlier, is the National Football League. Even though it is a league that is built for parity, you can win big with upsets on certain games. Each NFL season is filled with upsets and some crazy games where anything can happen. When those games come up, it is important to be ahead of the curve with them and be on top of them before everyone else catches wind of them. If people know about these games, even if you win, you won’t win as much money. You are going to win more money on the games where no one sees it happening and you are the lone wolf, so to speak.

When placing your next bet, look to the NFL and Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball is one that a lot of people sleep on, but it can pay off tremendously for the bettor if they are dialed into the season and a true blue fan that is there every single step of the way until the very end of the season.

How To Win at Domino Qiu Qiu

When you are playing Domino Qiu Qiu or also known as agen domino qq you need to take a look at the different sites that are out there. It is always better if you know about the site and the rules. It is good to look at different sites because some may have different rules. You may have the ability to place higher bets on some sites than others. There are times where you may also find yourself in a place where the jackpot is bigger. So you need to make sure that the site that you were looking at is going to provide you with the ability to play Domino Qiu Qiu in the way that you would like to play it.


Know The Rules

There are many people that have overlooked is, but the process of just knowing the rules is going to get you very far. There are people that hear about the domino game and they take off with a small bit of information that they have learned. They are not familiar with everything that it takes to play the game successfully, but they assume that they have all the tools that they need. This is where a tremendous amount of trouble comes in. People that are not fully aware of all the rules to engage in can find themselves losing money just because there were certain rules that they simply were not aware of.


Start Slowly

Many people that find themselves playing these types of domino games get addicted. Don’t become someone that obsesses over this. You get better by trying a little bit each day at a time. If you start out playing large sums of money without even knowing the game you will lose a Lot quickly.


Learn from the daily betting habits

When you are playing Domino Qiu Qiu you have to start with a small calculated risk. You cannot bet it all when you really are just becoming familiar with the game. You will find yourself losing a considerable amount of money this way. It is better, however, when you have the ability to look at what you are betting and make better calculations on your daily betting limits. You need to know how much you can afford to spend. You need to know the things that are going to help you build a better strategy for making money.


Pay Attention to Your Opponents

It is going to be impossible for you to know how well you can win if you’re not paying any attention to your opponents. You need to be consciously aware of the fact that there are people that may be better than you at the game. For this you need to take the time to make sure that you are playing against people that are going to challenge you when it comes to Domino Qiu Qiu. If you are never taking any challenges, it becomes much harder for you to become better at playing domino. You need to grow and learn by watching people play the game. You need to play someone that has a higher skill level than you.

With Domino Qiu Qiu you also need to have a strong read on your opponents, just as in Poker:

Learning Strategies and Rules of Domino Poker

Domino poker is exactly like online poker except for a few things. There are no common cards, cards are actually tiles, and you only bet one round. Players can call, fold, check, or raise, and the fives are the top pairs.


Other than that, here is how to increase your winnings at the domino poker website.


Limiting Poker Distractions

The biggest reason you keep going broke at the online Rules of domino poker 99 website is because you are not focused enough on the game. You are making mistakes and missing opportunities because your focus is elsewhere. Look at your surroundings the next time you play. The television is probably on, you are talking on the phone, and you are distracted by social media alerts. If you are playing at work or around friends you have even more distractions keeping you from being able to focus on the game and tells other players are making.


Setting Betting Goals

Don’t make the biggest mistake at the online Rules of domino poker website this week by not setting goals before you play. When you set a goal of making $50 at the poker tables today, you set a trigger in your mind to get out while ahead, which allows you to build on that success tomorrow. When you stay past the time you should have left, you could hit a cold streak or a bad beat, and lose everything in the blink of an eye.


Betting With Authority

Being an aggressive player at the online Rules of domino poker tables is going to reward you in a number of ways. For one thing, the best players do not want to risk their own money on you because there are plenty of easier players to push around at the poker table. The fact you are aggressive means the weaker players will usually fold their hands to you, even when they have the best hands because they think you are stronger in the hand.


Bluffing the Players

Don’t assume that because you are playing slow and tight that you will eventually come out on top at the online poker sites. The truth is that you are losing money to the better players who have been bluffing you off marginal hands all day without you even knowing. Start small and bluff once in a while to get used to the feeling, then start taking chances because you could be building that bankroll a lot faster if you play this way.


Tilting the Other Players

One of the ways that you can start building a bankroll is to get other players to lose their focus. Putting a player on tilt is easy if you know how to do it. The first thing you want is to target a player who folds to any raise. Each time they are in the hand, raise the pot. Keep doing this until they call. Hopefully, they are so frustrated that they just wanted to see a hand that you can push them all in on the flop and they fold even angrier.

Playing domino poker is similar to regular poker, so these tips should help grow your bankroll.


Sports’ betting via sbobet mobile, is a hobby for many people from all over the world. However, there are some beginners of online sports betting that have the tendency to believe flimsy misconceptions about it. Here are some reasons why you should not follow their trend.



This is a common misconception that most beginners have. This myth was brought about by conspiracy theories that some losers came up with. When a major game has a genuine outcome, they all blame the bookies. However, these are all lies, bookies don’t fix matches, because they benefit a lot regardless of the outcome. Although it might be convenient to blame them for the losses, this is not possible.



There are people who commonly believe that bookies know how to analyze games expertly. In addition to this, there are others who even think that bookies have access to some high tech software that can expertly analyze games and come up with precise outcomes. However, this is not true, although they have been at it for longer; they have probably mastered the art of betting and the teams in general. Regardless of this, while betting you can still analyze the game better.



Most beginners may equate betting to gambling. However, online sports’ betting has a huge difference when compared to gambling. It’s in gambling that you will end up both winning and losing a huge amount of money concurrently. Nonetheless, when you bet, you might end up winning a lot. The bookies also benefit a lot from the bets. However, you should always remember to thoroughly analyze each game and team if you want to benefit from online sports betting.



It is a common myth that you have to bet with a lot of money in order to win. However, this is a misleading statement. All you have to do is to ensure that you have made the best choice when betting. In addition to this, you have to ensure that you invest wisely in analyzing the teams that are playing. This is very handy when coming up with the odds that you can bet with rather than the amount of money you will be betting with. Never forget to take care of your needs first before you bet. After all, betting is just a source of entertainment.



Online sports betting Is all about the art of analyzing and strategy. It is unlike gambling where you are playing a game of chance. Therefore, online sports’ betting depends on how the teams play and not anything else.

Guide to soccer sports betting

Betting on one of your favorite teams (on sites like Jadwal Bola) not only makes the game fun and exciting, but also gives you an opportunity to make some extra income after the game. By having a stake in a particular game, you will increase the fun and anticipation for the game to end so that you can know whether you have won or not. Nonetheless, as you bet on your favorite team, it is important to have some tips that will increase your chances of winning the cash.


The internet has proved to be a reliable source of making extra income in this era of technology. If you are one of those people who love sports and betting then doing it online can be very convenient. Although betting is risky just like any gambling venture, there are ways through which you can increase your chances of winning cash. The way you choose or place your bets plays a crucial role in determining whether you will win or lose. This is because there are certain picks that carry higher chances of winning while others have lower chances. You should, therefore, carry out some little research to be able to increase your winning chances.


Tips on how to choose the right bets


The following are some of the bets that will increase your chances of winning.

Straight bet is common and most people are familiar with it. This is whereby a person places a bet on a team that he or she thinks will win the game. Whether it is soccer, rugby, basketball or any other sport you place a bet on a team that you think will win at the end of the match. The problem is that most people tend to favor their teams something which is not very advisable when it comes to betting.


The other form of betting is parlays. This can make a person win a lot of money at the end of the game. However, it is also important to note that it is a risky bet in the sense that you will have to place multiple teams. In a parlay, you are allowed to choose two or more teams and all of them must win for you to win the bet. Note that if one team loses you also lose all the money you had placed on that bet.


Point spread is another form of betting you can take advantage of. This is common in sports where you can notice a plus or minus sign placed on the teams. When you see a negative sign on a team, you are supposed to subtract that number of points from that team and vice versa. The winner is then determined by the addition and subtraction of scores at the end of the game.


In general, sports betting can be a good source of generating extra income. However, it requires proper research about the teams playing. Do not just make choices based on your favorite teams. Remember as much as you would want your team to win, you should be realistic enough considering you also want to win some cash.