Don’t bet on a team because they have talents


Many bookmakers (see sportwetten em) will take advantage of the ignorance of betters who make decisions solely on the talents of teams. The element of fame can be seductive and deceptive and often times the outcome will be the opposite of what you think. Don’t put all your money on a team simply because they have multiple favorites because that is an amateur approach to the process. Don’t place your bets on giant teams simply because they are huge monsters in the industry. Consider past statistics instead of just blindly placing bets and it will give you a more informed advantage.


Take into consideration the chemistry and balance of a team


Each team has its own chemistry and even the giant teams can lack in this area so this is important to consider. New betters will place a lot of emphasis on the team simply because they assume their chemistry is great, but there are examples where teams have terrible chemistry even if they perform well. This is especially relevant under high-pressure games because you have to work together. They may be highly skilled, but the balance might be off and this needs to be considered even in the most prestigious teams.


Consider the home advantage


The perceived worth of home-court advantage is an average of 0.40 of a goal which is a fact worth considering when betting on a team. The implication that comes from this is if two teams were equal in team chemistry and balance then the one who has the home advantage would come out victorious according to the probabilities. When you’re in a familiar atmosphere at home it’s more likely that the nerves will be more settled, and it’s safer to assume they will win if the other factors are equal. Not only that, but home-court advantage also influences the decisions of the referees to a notable degree.


Note the team motivation


Team motivation will influence how a team will perform from match to match. Knowing how a team will adapt to a loss is important because they might get unsuspected motivation to do better in the next match. A team might be very good, but lack motivation which is something to consider when placing bets. If they lose, then it’s more likely they won’t be able to pick up their mentality. A bettor who knows the team motivators, as well as the strengths and weaknesses, will have a considerable edge over other bettors so keep this information in mind.