Betting on basketball can be easy if you follow these best tips

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August 6, 2019
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Betting on basketball is confusing if you are new to the sport. Follow these tips to help you make the best bets  – P.S. you can start betting on sites like  – however, and your first few betting experiences could be interesting.

Do your research — Spend a couple of weeks learning about the game, the teams, the coaches and the rules before you place a bet. Basketball is a sport that, the more you know about the game, its teams and its players, the better your chances are of placing a smart bet.

Read websites about betting on basketball. Read news articles about individual teams and players, and look at the past history of teams you may want to bet on. Make notes as you go, so you can refer back to them before placing a bit.

Knowing about the history of a team or its players should be part of your decision to place a bet one way or the other. Never bet on teams you do not know anything about, as their past history affects who they are and how they generally play.

Start with the starting line-up — Never place a bet when you first start out betting on basketball until you know who will be in the starting line up.

After all, you do not want to bet on a team and then discover their star player has been injured and will be out of commission for two weeks. Remember too, starting line ups change, so keep checking until the game actually begins.

A home advantage or an away advantage? — Each team is different. While many play better with a home advantage, some do not. Make sure you know which way a team tends to swing before you bet on them winning an upcoming game.

After all, if a team travels well, they may prefer away games. If a team always seems to be tired during an away game, they are not the ones to bet on.

Keep the important stats in mind — Do not get bogged down with too many unimportant stats, as it can take your mind away from making a smart betting decision.

Instead, keep important stats in mind like their offensive rebounds, turnovers and home and away stats, and avoid others that have less bearing on a game’s outcome.

Has there been a big line move? — If you suddenly notice there has been a big line move in favor of a team that was not favored before, make sure to bet on that line move. Particularly if it is close to a game.

Something moving that fast and so close to a game will usually mean the sports bettors who really understand the game are seeing something you are not. Follow them, bet with them and you may just see a result you have been trying to get for a while.