How to pick a good site for online poker

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March 11, 2018
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April 18, 2018

Choosing a site for online poker can be confusing if you have never played the game on the Internet before. Especially as there are hundreds of sites offering poker games, and hundreds more exclusively devoted to poker.


Picking a good site for online poker is actually not too difficult, however, if you know what makes a reputable site as well as a site you will enjoy playing on. Quick plug: is a pretty good start.


Most sites are reputable — Although most people do not seem to know this, online poker is one of the most highly regulated games online so most sites are reputable. That means, in most cases, you can safely sign up with an online poker site and not have to worry about losing all your cash when a site refuses to pay out your winnings.

Before you sign up with any site, however, do check their reputation online via the Better Business Bureau or from online reviews, as this will give you a heads up on the sites that may be a little less reputable.

Check the tables — Before you start gambling on specific sites, check the tables to see how many people are playing the type of poker you like the most.


For instance, if Texas Hold ‘Em is your favorite way of playing, make sure there are plenty of other players on the site wanting to play the same game.


Check the software — You should check the software to make sure it is reliable and is not freezing or logging you out regularly. You should also check it to make sure it is the type of software you would regularly like to use.


After all, the software sites use runs from basic 2D graphics that allows you to play on multiple tables, but with none of the bells and whistles of other more complicated software, right up to 3D environments where you can only play on one table at once.


Choose what you like to play on the best, as there is no point going with a site offering fancy 3D software only to discover you find it incredibly annoying to play poker using it.


Play money tables — These are tables that give you free fake money to play with but, of course, do not allow you to win any actual money.


They are helpful, though, for checking out a site and a site’s software before making a deposit of actual money. Do not sign up for a site that does not offer this option, as you may deposit real cash and then find out you hate playing there.


A wide variety of tournaments — If you enjoy playing in tournaments, be sure to choose an online poker site offering everything from low-cost buy-in tournaments to those offering tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.


That way you can start out at the lower cost tournaments, and then work your way up to those that are more challenging but that also pay out huge jackpots.