The Evolution of Sports Betting: A 2000 Year Old Betting Practice

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Sports Betting is Nothing New


Sports enthusiasts (not all) everywhere take part in what is called ‘Sports Betting.’ When someone bets on a winning player or team they are putting a valuable stake, their money, into that particular sport.

The game itself takes on a more personal attraction and demand their full undivided attention. Could throwing even a small amount of your money into your winning team constitute gambling, truthfully this is gambling. Never make the mistake of thinking that sports betting is something new because it is not.

Your ancestors of over 2000 years ago were involved in sports betting, although some would agree that the games 2000 years ago were a bit more violent and demanding. The earliest records of sports betting have to go to the Greeks. The Greeks were the ones who introduced the world to the Olympics and the very first records of legalized sports betting on the athletics participating in a particular sport such as the gladiator games.


The Legalities and Illegalities of Sports Betting


Historical documents record that betting on horse races became a popular venue throughout England and globally. Horse racing became a popular sport and the betting scene grew. Nothing has changed too much over the last 2000 years except for the evolution of sporting events. The religious leaders of that time tried to put a stop to the betting so those involved in sports betting went underground and this thrived throughout the ages spreading globally.

Europe has one of the largest betting venues in the world. Anywhere you find a sporting event, the chances are great that betting on the event is taking place. You find sports betting in college and professional football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and car races. Sports betting has thrived, spread, and become such a popular pastime that sports betting is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

There is still a great share of illegal sports betting going on by local bookies and bookmakers around the globe, which continue to be ignored by most law enforcement officials. Many times these illegal betting venues take advantage of the better. Consumers who frequent the casino scene in cities across the globe such as seen in Las Vegas, Nevada find sports betting a favorite pastime.

It was around the period of 1950 that Las Vegas legalized sports betting in many of their casinos. However, you had to walk into the casino to place sports bets. Now with our technological advances in the mid 21st Century introduces sports betting consumers online gambling as though they were right in a casino.


Advanced Technologies Enhances Sports Betting


The Internet provides ways for individuals to place bets anytime and anywhere (check out Turn on your television and your laptop or smartphone to a popular sporting event and place your bet legally. Sports betting is not going to go away. It has been around for over 2000 years and is increasing in popularity every year. Anytime and anywhere there is any kind of sporting events it is a sure ‘bet’ there will be sports betting taking place.