If you are new to online slots or Slotsion Suomi, make sure you understand the rules before you begin to bet on them. After all, while there are definitely rules that should impact how you choose to play, if you play well you can easily win on the slots.


Choose your bet wisely — The first rule of online slots is to make sure you choose the right bet for your wallet and your playing style.


Most online slots are able to accept a few cents or many dollars on each spin depending on your bet and how many win lines you choose to wager on. Calculate how much you can afford to spend that day, and then calculate how much that would be per spin if you plan on playing the slots at least 100 times. Once you do this, you can comfortably bet the same amount throughout your gameplay, without having to worry about running out of cash.


Triggering the jackpot — Be sure you understand how the jackpot works as each machine is different. A few of the traditional slots trigger the jackpot with just one payline. Others require you to bet on every payline before the jackpot comes into play.


It would be a shame to win the jackpot and then not be able to receive a payout as you did not bet on all the required paylines.


Progressive versus fixed jackpots — The rules of online slots are different when it comes to progressive versus fixed jackpots.


A progressive jackpot means the more you bet and do not win, the higher the jackpot becomes. A fixed option is one that has the same jackpot regardless of how much you spend.


While you may think you have a chance of winning more money with a progressive jackpot, this is not usually true. After all, each progressive jackpot machine is tied to every other one. That means you are competing against an untold number of people playing on other progressive machines for just one jackpot.


Return to Player (RTP) — Search the online casino you play on for their Return to Player rates per slot machine. This is the percentage of time money is returned to the player in the form of a win.


Some machines may have a 95% RTP, while others are as low as 80%. Play the machines with the highest RTP, and you have more chance of walking away a winner.


Wagering requirements — Finally, find out what the wagering requirements are for the use of any cash bonus you are given. They vary by online casino, but may require you to play the money through a few times before you can withdraw any cash.