Finding the right slot online games is not the easiest thing to do. It is literally trying to find a needle in a haystack. Picking the wrong one can harm you in so many ways, it will question every decision you’ve made so far in life. There are a few factors you will need to put into consideration. One huge factor to consider is finding a slot that has a huge return to the player percentage or RTP. RTP is basically how much money will be returned to you during your wager. Knowing what slots have an RTP will help you decided if it is worth playing that slot again. When you find an RTP payout slot machine that gives you anywhere between 91 cents to 97 cents, you’re basically winning a majority of the time. One slot that is like this is called The Devil’s Delight. It sounds exactly like you’re able to gamble your life away in Hell. It has every feature related to hell: devils, 666, the reaper, skeletons, gravestones, flaming hearts. The best part about this slot machine is the bonus game feature where you determine what the sins of the characters are. The more you guess right, the more money you see a return to you. Space Wars and Himalayas: Roof of the World are slots that have a huge RTF as well.

The next factor you should consider are slots that have high volatility and low volatility. You’ve probably heard these terms all over the net and it is very critical for those who play with real-world money. Using slots that have low volatility will have you win a lot of times but sadly, the payout is very little. However, high volatility has its own rewards as well. You have a small chance of winning but the payout for them is huge. Always remember, patience is key to winning all of these slots. Be prepared for a long online session when engaging with either option. The first slot that has high volatility is called King of Atlantis. When you come across it, you’ll see gold rings, gems, crowns, little mermaids, dolphins, and of course Poseidon. The only special feature about this slot is getting eight free spins when you have the trident land right next to The King of the Seas. A slot that has low volatility is called Hotline. This machine is very reminiscing of that hit TV show called Miami vice where you help two detectives solve a case. You will get a lot of wins but the payout is very small. It has a lot of features like wilds, expanding wilds, re-spins, free spins. Gonzo’s Quest is another slot machine that’s like Hotline. They are relaxing and you will enjoy the ride.

Slot machines to avoid at all costs are the once that come from TV shows and movies you watch repeatedly. They are basically baiting slots that are meant to attract you the moment you see it. Don’t fall for these traps. Instead, go for slots that you wouldn’t think of using. The higher your bets are, the more money you’ll get in return. Trusted reviews on the slot will help you in the long run. Never pass a chance on free spins since its basically free money at this point. Last but not least, use a licensed online casino site.