What is LAG Poker?

LAG in poker is short for “Loose aggressive” which is a playstyle that involves being more aggressive and with more hands. Unlike a TAG (Tight aggressive) which focuses on playing good hands, a LAG is more focused on making bluffs and playing aggressively in order to put pressure on the opponent. This is so as the LAG player can take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. This means that when playing LAG, you should focus on your opponent’s plays to exploit his or her weaknesses.

Is LAG for you?

The important thing to note is that in poker, the most successful players are the ones who are able to quickly and comfortably adjust to the playstyle of their opponent. Therefore, even after learning LAG, a player is still better of adjusting to their opponent than insisting on anyone play no matter how good. To excel at LAG, you need to have a good handle of your fundamentals as well as being good at TAG. This is because LAG is a higher level technique and if you have holes in your poker play, then the strategy can amplify those weaknesses. However, if you feel confident about your poker skills and you have a good grasp of TAG, then you are ready to learn LAG.

Difference between a Good and Bad LAG

A good LAG is a player who plays aggressively but watches their opponent’s moves to see how the pressure is working. The strategy is good against opponents who play a game that is overly tight and face-up. Hence, as a good LAG you will be able to see for example, the opponent playing passively with his premium holdings which are not common for such players unless they have a weak hand. A good LAG, therefore, plays aggressively but with a purpose to apply pressure and exploit weaknesses. A bad LAG, on the other hand, plays aggressively for the sake of it with no purpose or plan.

Why you should Learn LAG

You want to learn LAG because it has the potential to be your best arsenal when playing poker online 99. If you have solid experience playing, then upgrade your game with this technical but rewarding playstyle. To begin with, by learning LAG, you get a good strategy for playing at tables where pots are going heads up. This is because at such a table you have the opportunity to apply more pressure and take advantage of the limited times your opponent will get a big hand. LAG is also about playing your opponent hence you focus more on their hand rather than the strength of your own hand. This is an advantage to you as an aggressive player since you will give more time to applying pressure.