How to win betting on football games even if they are unpredictable

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December 10, 2017
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March 11, 2018

When it comes to betting on football games, you may think the unpredictability of the sport means they are difficult to win. In fact, even though football games can be unpredictable, there are still things about the sport that can be quite consistent.

Find out what those things are, and you could find yourself winning a lot more than losing. These tips will help you do just that.

Team form is important — Even though some teams do start off a season with bad form, and then improve drastically at a later date, many teams do not.

That is why it is important to find out how well a team is currently playing and then use that form to predict how well they will play in future games.

Past match ups and future games — At some point, most teams in a league have played against every other team, including the team they are going to be playing against in an upcoming game.

Surprisingly, many teams that lose against a certain team continue to lose on every new head-to-head they have. This is why it is important to look at the history of past head-to-head games before placing a bet, and then bet on the consistency of the results still being the same.

Motivation is important — Some teams are trying to prove themselves more than others, and some have motivation to do so.

Look at each team’s motivation over the coming weeks and decide who seems to have more reasons to win. Are they trying to get enough points to get to the middle or the top of the league? Do they want to play in a cup match? Have they had a terrible season and so are desperate to prove themselves?

Unsurprisingly, a team that has a lot of motivation to win often does, and that knowledge can be used to your advantage when placing a bet on agen bola online sites.

Only bet on specific leagues — If you stick to betting on games within certain leagues, it makes the entire enterprise easier for you.

That way you can research each team and each league well, and so end up with fewer surprises when it comes to match results. Know your league, and bet on your league, and you could end up a winner.

Be consistent and disciplined — Even though football itself may be inconsistent, unpredictable and undisciplined, it does not mean you should be.

Successful football gamblers are usually those people who are very disciplined with how they bet, the amount of money they bet and when they decide to bet or walk away.

Create a plan for yourself when it comes to betting on football games and be disciplined about it. Never chase after bad money or betting losses. Walk away and have enough money to bet another day.